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LITUAL “Integrate with your HIGHER SELF!

Your Higher Self is the part of you that’s whole! This is the pure soul essence, the deepest part of who you are. At your core , the subconscious program isn’t running the show. Your higher self is above all indoctrination and outside of time and space . The perspective of our higher self is very different from the skewed perspectives we hold based on belief systems passed down to us. As we search for our authentic self, we desire to return to the state of being from which we originated. This is the you, prior to family dysfunction, failed relationships, school indoctrination, relegious programs and tradition. Many of us have become aware of the lower self through dark night of the soul moments, triggering and shadow work! Now we are desiring to function in a wholeness ,from a place of abundance not lack! So after a grueling night of core wounds surfacing and being triggered , I received this ritual from my spirit guides. The intent of this ritual is to integrate the whole, multidimensional aspect of who you are to manifest the life we’ve all been preparing to receive. Below I’ll list the ingredients needed as well as how to carry out the ritual.


•small crystal (choose one that reflects what you desire to invoke ) example is using rose quartz for love.

•2 tea lights or any 2 candles that isn’t in a container

•oil of your choice (this is optional) examples are Yemaya oil if you desire better flow of emotions.

•paper (parchment or paper bag) if you don’t have either, use whatever paper you have . Magic is about using intention.

•a pen, blue ink resonates with me but use what works for you!


•sage or palo santo for cleansing and clearing energy of items used for this ritual!

Steps of the ritual

Before beginning . Clean up the area you’ll be using . Also take a spiral bath or showers wit Epsom salt or sea salt.

1. Palo santo or sage the everything being used In the ritual to clear energy.

2. Lay aluminum foil on the surface your using . This will catch the wax that melts.

3. Place the two tea lights about 1inch apart.

4. Place the crystal at the apex (top of the tea lights in the center ) it should resemble a pyramid. Choose a crystal that embodies what you want to represent.

5. Add a circle of salt around the crystals to protect your working.

6. Add your oil (optional) Light the candles.

7. Write the spell. Write down the things you desire to embody. Example; I desire to embody courage. After each sentence, write “I release anything that hinders courage “! Add as many qualities you desire as you feel. I don’t recommend writing more then 3-7. This ensures a laser focus on the most desired qualities. Magic is better when your not scattered with too many things to focus on. End it with “ So mote it be”. This seals the spell.

8. Stare into the flame. Visualize a miniature image of you in the flame. Then visualize your higher self in the other flame. One easy way to imagine your higher self is by dressing yourself in a particular color, I use gold and white. There is no wrong way. Do what works for you!

9. Read the spell 7 times. Seven is the number of spiritual completion. Continue staring into the flame and focus on feeling the good vibes you have as you imagine being all the wonderful things you desire . The feeling is the magical amplifier. Smiling and repeating “YES” in the most orgasmic way with moans and all will ignite the sexual power of creation. This is another one of my magical secrets used to manifest.

10. Let it burn into a lump, you can continue meditating until it does if you’d like to. This is optional because the magic is done. Place the leftovers in a mojo bag or sock. Keep it with you. I like to put them on my purse. This will keep the magic of your higher self with you , filling your aura with these vibes!

The spell can be repeated for 21 days or more. It takes 21 days to program a new belief!

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