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Saturn in Aquarius ♒️ We have 2 choices ONLY! Ego 🤬or Heart❤️‍🔥

2.2.23 Saturn in Pisces- last time it was in 1994. Nelson Mandela got out of prison and voted leading to a historical revolution. He also has a galactic signature of a Red Dragon as I stated in the earlier emails , blogs and social media post. The Rwanda genocide began. Jeff Bezos opened Amazon !

In 1994 Memphis Tn. had a terrible ice storm… well we currently have nearly 20,000 people without power including our home. Currently it's best to focus on the reasons to be grateful . A decade ago it seems strange to be a doomsday prepper however the food we saved to be prepared for these engineered events is a major reason to have gangsta gratitude! Remember the omen from American gods ? In American Gods the character Wednesday reappears in Shadow's life, wanting him to continue his war effort; Shadow learns about his destiny after a meeting with the god Wisakedjak.Winter was a predictive program for the current chaos unfolding between old gods (Saturn ) nu gods (Aquarius awakening)! Can you feel the shadow within ? Do you see the dark ways of perceiving yourself more clearly ? This is due to the astrology 🪐♒️

More historical evens in this astrological alignment; • the Nuremberg Laws which removed citizenship from Jews

  • the Lebensborn eugenics program founded by Himmler to increase Aryan births and achieve racial purity

  • the mandate for all boys aged 10-18 to join the Hitler Youth paramilitary organisation

  • Hitler’s declaration of the need for ‘living space’ for Germany

🪐Saturn was next in Pisces from March 1964 to March 1967 which coincided with the Uranus Pluto conjunction of 1966-67 so there was lots of revolutionary activity, coups and uprisings. The Vietnam war escalated and there were massive anti-war protests around the world. Young men in the US burnt their draft cards, and in South Vietnam 20,000 Buddhists protested against the military government.

🪐Alongside the anti-Vietnam protests, there were civil rights marches and race riots in the US. Black power was on the rise and Martin Luther King led the Selma to Montgomery marches in 1965, and the Black Panther Party was formed in 1966. Some feared the changes and Malcolm X was assassinated, and the Ku Klux Klan committed multiple murders in Mississippi. Did we see this energy play out in Memphis recently ? Are the programs of hatred imprinted on some bloodline genetics based on these events? Is it possible the police brutality reflects this heart breaking reality where all kinfolks ain't skinfolks ? Is this epigenetically related? Do our subconscious mind carry these energies ? If you any thoughts drop them in the comments 👇🏾

🪐Lyndon B Johnson introduced spending programs to reduce poverty and racial injustice, called the Great Society, and the Civil Rights Bill was passed in 1964, abolishing racial segregation in the US. The Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965, prohibiting racial discrimination in voting, and the Social Security Act established Medicare and Medicaid. Cuban refugees began to arrive in the US in October 1965 and the Freedom Flights began in November.

In South Africa, ANC activist, Nelson Mandela, made his ‘I am prepared to die’ speech at the trial that led to his imprisonment in 1964. The following year, a million people were massacred in the Indonesian genocide when the army executed communists to stop an attempted coup.

There was more flooding in the US when the flood of December 1964 in the Pacific Northwest and northern California lasted into January 1965. The following year, the Arno river flooded and hit Florence in Italy leaving thousands homeless and destroying many artworks, and a huge tidal flood also hit Venice.

Be vigilant and grateful for water 💧 We will see more water wars as we head deeper into the chaos of destruction and rebirth! This energy also lead to the Church of Satan was formed by Anton LaVey in San Francisco. How interesting 🤔

On a more positive note

There were plenty of positive events too, such as the first multiracial elections in Burundi since 1984 when Melchior Ndadaye was elected as their first Hutu president. South Africa also had their first multiracial elections and Nelson Mandela became president, and later abolished capital punishment in the country.

Russia and China agreed to stop targeting each other with their nuclear weapons, and the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty was extended indefinitely by 170 countries. The Australian government agreed to pay reparations to indigenous Australians who were displaced during nuclear tests in the 50s and 60s.

This is another example of the power shifting. Choose who you are, how you treat others and yourself in integrity as best as you can. Anchor love NU being the love you seek within. NuMeStay'

Suggestions on what to avoid during this time of Saturn revising our spiritual discipline!

Predictive Programming and Occult Conditioning

Either way, as Robert Livingstone said,

“The preparation of humanity for the New Age involves psychological and physical warfare in the form of spectacular crimes and events that, filtered through the IIluminised media, have a ritual occult and initiatory effect on the populace.”

Here’s a short explanation of the first definition:

“Revelation of the method is basically an occult truth that more of an ‘effect’ can be garnered from an event if that event is made aware to the person who you plan on affecting before it happens, usually at a subconscious level. The subconscious mind can actually pick up on imperceptible elements to the conscious mind that hint at future plans. In this way it is possible to sow acceptance through subconscious exposure to numbers and symbols as presented in the media. 9/11 is the perfect example as it was featured in may different shows before it happened to plant the seed subconsciously, and the intended effects of 9/11 (social change) cannot be denied.”

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You are the power you seek❤️‍🔥

You are a powerful force🧬

You are royalty in disguise 👑

NuMeStay 🕉️

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