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🧬Separate us from our souls" Kill codes to destroy intimacy⚕️

Meta Verse- soul trap- spiritual concentration camp

Oh you have intimacy issues - go in the meta verse , there's no need to work on co creating in this reality!

An insidious voice told me the plans for the control of consciousness!

While your their your brain waves will not be manipulated , this is just a play ground for people who would rather escape the reality we are actualizing with ignorance and refusal to rebel! The first step is 6 feet apart due to a virus , then Stay apart due to the shedding of ppl that took the jab!

Now they offer the solution " a soul trap that's fun to play out your shadows SO STOP DOING SHADOW WORK!

In time you'll be desensitized and the trauma that caused you to avoid intimacy is no big deal, just live in the meta verse! The meta verse is a astral virus that will imbed into the mind and gain control over the kundalini spirit. In a dream I saw serpents on leashes! But who controls your life force , your wisdom, the serpentine wisdom within your dna? They can't have orgasms , they can't feel emotions and that is hell for them. So they feel through us, through our suffering, craving for love, compassion and companionship! George Orwell said they planned to kill the orgasm, no they planned to use it to back their economy of humans . We are the trade off on this planet. The most rebellious thing we can do to wage war with the war on intimacy is to be intimate, feel your feelings without judgement, release shame, practice seeing god goddess in all beings. Connect with the walls in your home, give gratitude for them providing a covering in bad weather. Everything is alive, has a vibration within its atoms. They showed this in the movie" Pixel"! They are digitalizing consciousness! The sky, the sun is often times created by the manipulation of humans with these entities in them! To use the energy of souls they must offer us a false heaven to keep us drawn to the soul traps of forced reincarnation, only to grow up feeling alone, unseen, neglected and abused , traumatized all over again to feed them your suffering!

If you missed the channeled message which included tips on ;

⚕️using your words to create a vortex of love around you

⚕️ways to slowly raise kundalini energy

⚕️ways to integrate with your shadow self , bury the false self and detox from toxic shame !

Here are a few more points I felt I should share before you catch up on the video which will be linked below with our patreon for those who want access to the false self funeral, grief litual and upcoming meditations!

I just channeled a message called " intimacy conjuring "! We are learning how to create vibes , sustain them, cultivate ourselves with immense compassion so they out electromagnetic fields are anchored in LOVE! This channeled message was a tough one to deliver because so many of us just want to be loved and give love yet trust in these times is rare treasure. So we become hermits, disempowered empaths that aren't able to connect with love for self , life's cycles and the journey ! People have been using shame in all communities in my experience to make us afraid to admit we are sad, or stuck in a cycle of dark night , grieving and existential dread leading to nihilism, wondering when the end will arrive ! Many of us were taught to live disconnected from Source, our higher selves ( Holy Spirit) and our spiritual team. We have believed things so long we don't really know why we believe them. One main thing is goddesses that are protective divine feminine energies have been demonized. At this point I see God in all things and I mean ALL because we must practice seeing unity , oneness though the division is clear to see. We must face our fear especially fear of intimacy! For those who have had boundaries disrespected through your life , as a empath and star seed, it's imperative to use boundaries , release shame and mental detox as you find good feeling thoughts to replace the critical self talk about yourself! There are many shades of darkness and in the subconscious mind is the power to replace codes ( beliefs) that will eventually lead to consistently behaving as your higher vibrational self! Stay focused on love and trust the process! May each of you carry unconditional, rebellious love energy no matter what is happening around us💚🧬💫

Now that we are clear on what's really being done, what are you going to do to retain your soul , resist numbing out and using old 3D coping mechanisms like defensiveness, being ego triggered, living in your head while refusing to accept the shadows that are attached to you! We must be so deeply intimate with ourselves that we can energetically orgasm from breath alone! Train your breath to bring bliss practice the art of CONJURING INTIMACY! We will continue this journey into the realm of trauma offering new tools , perspectives and webinar's where we can have a Q and A! We are expanding the myths that we learned which are detrimental to real deep bonding , connection and intimacy! If this sounds like something your ready for, join us on patreon for shadow banned, censored content. We will add more tiers with more lessons and occult exercises to accomplish self mastery! You can manifest anything you know you deserve! Conjuring of intimacy requires confidence, accountability courage and the willingness to be open , fearlessly embracing all that you are , the good bad and ugly! If the occult , mystical path has been interesting to you or you feel ready to go into the mystery schools , you definitely don't want to miss out on the tried and true experiences we've had and what they taught us!


🪄Products mentioned in the live can be found here

Sexual Trauma in the Conscious community!

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