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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

What You’ll Need for this Waning Moon Reversal Spell:

  • A cheap mirror (you can get these from the dollar store!)

  • A black candle (one that burns quickly like spell or chime) and holder

  • Lighter/matches

  • Opaque bag (a bag you can’t see through but will hold ALL of the supplies)

How to do the Reversal Ritual:

  1. Gather your supplies.

  2. Cleanse your space by whatever means you prefer (smudging, spraying, etc.)

  3. Cleanse your mirror too.

  4. Then take your black candle and rub it in a downward motion from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. This action is cleansing your aura and pulling negative vibes off of you. Rub the candle over you and say “black magic, evil eye and negative vibes attach to this candle and be removed from me and mine.”

  5. Once you’re done, cut the butt end off the candle and light it. Put it in the candle holder. Then set on top of the mirror. (Don’t dress the candle in oils or anything…you want to banish/reverse the energy not feed it!)

  6. Then as it burns on the mirror (please always stay with your candles while they burn…SAFETY FIRST!), as it burns say “negative vibrations, black magic or the evil eye sent my way indirectly or by force is reversed and returned to its original source.”

  7. Visualize the black candle burning away all those negative vibrations you pulled off of you and the mirror reflecting those energies back to their original source (whoever or whatever that might be). The thing is – the energy has to go somewhere and you want it far away from you!

  8. Once the candle is burned down, gather the wax, candle holder, and mirror and bag it up in a solid cloth (one you can’t see through) and take it to a crossroads and leave it in the road to be ran over. OR throw it into running water. OR if you have no other option, take it to the opposite side of town and leave it at a dump.

  9. Note – if you have to keep the candle holder you used OR the mirror, you’ll need to bury it in earth or salt for at least a full lunar cycle before using it again! I also recommend smudging them following digging them back up!

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