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Sometimes life will suck but it will pass.. BE PATIENT

Trusting the process is great when you feel like your flying on cloud 9. But there will be days sometimes weeks that feel uncomfortable but an exact reason may be unclear. I want to give some advice on how to sit with yourself in low vibrations and why they are as necessary as the highs.

When you feel down just feel it without searching for a reason. The moon doesn’t get frantic when it turns into a a new moon because the moon knows it’s fullness will return eventually and your light will as well so be patient with yourself, it can’t rain forever.

Some times being low, sad, unmotivated and lacking inspiration is a part of what you need to heal. Allowing this current to move in and around you helps you to appreciate the highs more then before. Maybe your having a cycle of lows that you don’t innerstand but allow it to flow and practice releasing resistance to this phase and before you know it you’ll magically reappear shining with beautiful aha moment’s, syncronicities and light codes. Let’s allow patience to expand your ability to hold low vibrational space without getting stuck in it.

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