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Peace family , so this blog was inspired by Sol and Luna at ! We believe in giving credit where credit it due.

Let me begin by sharing a shamanic meditation personal experience In the UNDERWORLD!

I was wearing all white , this w

signals initiation and purity . Then I saw the flowers around Rahule, I got one and rubbed gold glitter or monatomic gold powder. Then Rahule acknowledged my difficulty. He told me ppl awakening have been under severe attacks . The sun had been sending huge amounts of UV, solar flares and storms on its surface. So they have been chemtrailing to block

It so we won’t absorb the light code activations from Ra! Also the 5g is to stop the 5d from anchoring . The electromagnetic field is very toxic to our subtle bodies as well as physical. The flu also is to stop awakening since many of us know

To avoid the flu shot . They want to instil fear on those who aren’t getting them. The gang stalking has went to a new level as well! Then I was led to Chief Mutusa and Black Hawk , the tribal leaders in which I descended . I sat in between them and closed my eyes . A tornado surrounds me and it grows until it connects with the cosmos . Then a bright light enters my 8th chakra . Then I felt the ground (daughter earth ) activate and merge with the cosmic light and tornado . They put a white dot on my 3rd eye and white lines on my face. They ensured me, I’d remember who I was prior to being brainwashed and indoctrinated. They also said I’d get new info to confirm this . They also said the frequency from the Gwen towers and all devices is to make us docile , materialistic and incapable of connecting with our psychic powers (spiritual gifts ) they have been hitting us with DOUBT, so we can’t trust what we can’t see! THIS WAS ONE OF MY PERSONAL SOUL RETRIEVAL EXPERIENCES !

Why Does the Soul Fragment?

In this light, it’s easy to think of Soul loss as something bad that has happened to us. However, here it’s important to realize that Soul Loss is in fact, a gift.

In the same way that you become unconscious when you’re experiencing immense amounts of physical pain, your soul is wise and knows its limits. Your soul knows what it can and can’t handle, so it leaves your body as a survival mechanism to protect itself from feeling the fullness of pain.

This splitting of the soul only becomes an obstacle when the pieces aren’t actively retrieved. This is what leads to chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, post traumatic stress syndrome, addictions, immune deficiency problems, and grief that refuses to heal.

However, the retrieval of these soul pieces is not the end of the work. We must then learn how to integrate them back into our lives in order to recover the vital power, potential and energy they possess.

Without these lost soul parts, we don’t feel whole. Instead, we feel weak, depressed, anxious, or empty. We feel as if something is missing, and we will fill that emptiness with anything we can.

However, once we’ve recovered these lost pieces, we can experience the following benefits:

  • Feeling more grounded in our body and more “solid”

  • Feeling energized, awake, and more alive

  • Greater presence in the world

  • More awareness of our choices, behaviors and decisions

  • Lightness and joy

  • Awareness of huge amounts of energy you didn’t know you had

  • Mental clarity and a new sense of hope

  • Physical wellbeing and less sickness

  • A sense of purpose and renewed direction

  • Deeper sleep

  • Overcoming addictive dependencies (drugs, food, work)

  • A new-found wholeness and sense of belonging

In order to to undergo Soul Retrieval, you must have an experienced guide. Shamans are not the only healers that can perform Soul Retrieval. Other healing practices such as hypnosis, witchcraft and psychoanalysis all have methods for integrating split-off or lost parts of the self.

The Soul Retrieval Journey

To retrieve a soul as a shaman, we typically enter trance states with the client. This altered state of consciousness helps us to journey into one of the three spirit worlds (typically the underworld) where we are accompanied by spirit helpers with the intent to retrieve a certain part of the soul. We narrate the whole journey to the client or visualize it through active imagination.

In these Soul Retrieval journeys, we encounter strong, often harsh energies that manifest themselves through the archetypal images of monsters, reptiles, dragons, and other dangerous beasts. These are the guardians of the Soul, or in psychotherapy they are known as defense mechanisms of the psyche. We must overcome these with the help of our spirit helpers, in order to persuade the soul part to come back.

Once we have retrieved the soul part, we reintegrate it together with the client. This is usually done energetically (by blowing the energy into the body), through ceremony, or through cognitive tools (such as inner child work or Gestalt therapy).

What Is Soul Loss?

During my introduction to shamanism and the methods of ritualistic ‘soul retrieval‘, the basic understanding of Soul Loss that was expressed was that parts of our souls travel off into other realms, or alternate realities, sometimes being possessed by spirits.  In the shamanistic perspective, when these parts of our souls are not recovered, we can’t seem to find inner completion or wholeness.

Before psychology, this explanation was the only way primal cultures could explain such a common phenomenon in order to find ways to treat it – and it was immensely effective.

Soul loss is, in fact, the rule rather than the exception.  As individuals, unless we have become Awakened Souls we lose our soulful energy every time we identify with our ego’s; every time we seek to feel whole through addictions, stimulation seeking, dogmatic beliefs, conditional relationships, and workaholism.

Aside from our incapacity to feel whole, when we experience Soul Loss we begin experiencing feelings of weakness, fatigue, depression, anxiety and emptiness.  We just know something is missing from our lives – but many of us struggle to discover what exactly is missing.  To understand Soul Loss as a loss, or disconnection, from the most vital parts of who we are, is known in psychology as ‘dissociation‘ – a root of many mental maladies.


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