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Spiritual awakening in a time of density and uncertainty!

One of the toughest parts of a spiritual awakening is realizing that you’ve been in hell within the place that should’ve been safe. For many of us, this is our family! Trauma and core wounds can make you feel like a victim . But the point of a spiritual awakening is realizing you are a spiritual gangster , here to heal and transmit love in a place that has been ruled by money , power and division. This sounds great , but it’s hard to wrap your mind around, it doesn’t feel good either . But I have a splash of hope and encouragement for you .

Here is the scoop. Do you need people to play a role for you to feel adequate in your present state of being ? Are you subconsciously playing a part that feels comfortable because it’s familiar? Do you need someone to behave with a low vibration to feel like yours is higher ? If the answer to any of these were yes, then your being called to be interdependent! Being codependent is the consciousness of the 3D. Were being called out of this consciousness. Which means , you ships be who you are no matter what others are projecting , deflecting and reflecting . Being a sovereign being means standing in a sacred space with yourself so no one else has to. Now this takes practice , so be patient and gentle with yourself. Also, as higher consciousness grid workers , we must learn to allow people to be exactly who they are no matter how harmful or ignorant it seems. This is true liberation . Don’t expect people to learn the lessons you’ve learned at the same speed as your own awakening. The truth is , some people may not be called to awaken in this lifetime . Just imagine trying to wake someone up before they’ve slept enough to have the energy to awaken, they’ll probably cuss you out and scream “I just was having a good dream, why did you wake me up 4 hours before I was supposed to wake up? “ Now I can’t go back to sleep, you ruined a good dream!

This is what it’s like when we try to awaken people to an awakening ahead of their schedule! I’ll be honest, sometimes intuitively I’ll share a new depth of awakening with Earnest. But he doesn’t get it as deep as I felt it until it’s his time to experience it on his divine path. Can you allow the verbal abuser be the abuser they are without feeling like they are altering your destiny? Most of us can’t , but this is the level of non- attachment we’re being called to. Yes it sounds like climbing Mt. Everest, but the journey there is filled with your soul tribe encouraging you to keep going! I’m not saying accepting abuse is a part of our calling because abuse shouldn’t be tolerated . If this is the case , then you must enforce boundaries and be ready to remove yourself from the toxic situation. If you refuse to do this , the abuse you are experiencing is by proxy “you abusing yourself by allowing abuse from someone else to go on without any plans to end it”! It may seem like walking away is weak or a testament to your lack but staying shows how much self love you lack. Knowing when it’s time to go is according to your own intuition, you have spiritual help in the form of guides , angels, spirit animals and your spirit tribe “The Weirdo Gang Gang” The first decision to make is always accomplished by asking yourself “ What is the most effective way I can love myself right now?”

Now let me be very vulnerable and share with you a perfect example of this . Since the age of 16, I have been labeled a drug addict for needing pain meds to manage the pain of sickle cell anemia . Not only is the judgement painful but it hurts to know someone can’t see who I am beyond they’re judgements. So in my journey to healing, I’ve had to allow people to operate in whatever judgement they’re operating in because it’s they’re process. If I demand to be seen in the light I prefer , I’m giving all my power to them. I’m saying to them , the way your treating me is wrong and misguided but the way you perceive me is more important then holding on to myself “my true self”! Onca I stopped trying to prove I’m not an recreational drug user as I allows them to be whoever they were being , it was easier to hold on to myself because I wasn’t using all my energy trying to make them treat me better. I took that energy and gave that love to myself . Trying to get water from a cloud that had none was tiring and caused more trauma then the actual situation at hand. Practice holding on to you when tension arises . View those that trigger you as a fallen angel here to help you ascend by throwing lightening bolts at you to show you how resilient you are. Become Neo of the matrix , witness the bullets as you strategically move in a way that allows the bullets to fly without being impacted by them. Next time your triggered , visualize yourself as Neo, lean back and let the bullets fly right past you . There is no need to shot back at them nor is there a need to be the martyr by letting the bullets hit you, hoping your pain will make them see how wrong they are being to you! Psychic protection which is really spiritual hygiene is the key to an awakening that’s manifested in the most effective way for you to be the victorious spiritual gangster you are chosen to be !

~Written by Khamsin the Oracle~ Remnants Gathering aka “Weirdo Gang Gang”!

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