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Let's be honest for a moment, there are so many things we desire to achieve as we expand our consciousness awakening from the artificial matrix we were trapped in from one incarnation to another but dealing with day to day life has proven itself a difficult task. So I have been practicing something called 'micro goals'. Micro goals are the day to day intentions you set to complete being sure they will help you become the person you desire to be. Since we are healing a lot of trauma and we are experiencing dark nights of the soul , spiritual emergencies and being stunned by all the things we are discovering about the world and ourselves. One thing many of us didn't realize was how heavy the truth can become.

Set intentions the night before to complete task that you know are a priority, you are only focusing on a few things to do per day so that your healing journey can be simpler to manage. Next be sure you set intentions to practice your 5 commandments and no way am I speaking of those in the bible, create your own 5 spiritual practices that you know can support your self realization journey. For me to continue healing I must be devoted to myself so each day I choose 5 commandments from a list I have compiled over the years of studying many spiritual paths and ways to accomplish becoming my higher self. That way the goals are easier to devote myself to because it's flexible. Some days I may have a migraine and the typical yoga routine is too much so on this day I'll meditate and use some gentle stretching. The next day I may do yoga and have a smoothie for breakfast. The next day I may sit at my ancestor altar and petition them for aid, just choose something from your list that is something you know will make you a merge with your higher self. These micro goals will not overwhelm you but they will be a bridge to your best life. Take it easy on yourself because you are doing something on this planet special, you are the New Earther, the star seed from another galaxy here to birth heaven. If you do not control your narrative another entity will be sure to take over your mind and body to fulfil its desires. The wounded inner child will always take over if you are not in control of your life. The false self, ego and wounded inner child aren't enemies they are allies here to help you see your programming to break free. So choose how your going to move throughout your day with compassion, patience and discipline. When motivation is low choose things from your list that motivate you, if your having a hard time processing new triggers choose something that soothes your soul. Micro goals are easier then setting goals that you can't sustain with the necessary mind set. I kept getting stuck because I was trying to reach things that were not being supported with the correct aspirations, its okay to dial back and rethink your plan to reach those goals. This simple task will make you feel proud of yourself giving you ammo for releasing the critical self talk by bridging you closer to your higher self one goal at a time.

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13 mag 2021

I’m thankful for this. I have so much work to do and sometimes it can be overwhelming

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