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The current alien war above, below and within!

The confrontation between Guardian Angelic Nations and Annu-Elohim/Anunnaki Angelic Legions is about the destiny of earth human evolution and control of Earth’s Halls of Amenti star gates, and to do so, both need to take advantage of unique conditions of geo and astro-physics characteristics of the Natural Star Gate Opening Cycles (Called SAC – Stellar Activation Cycle) to fulfill their intended objectives.

Destruction of Universal Star Gate-12 would effectively seal off from Density-5 Founders Race protection, 11- dimensions of our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix and the manifest life field would become "imprisoned in time" for Fallen Angelic exploitation and dominion, unable to fulfill the natural evolutionary process of ascension.

This is the core motivation behind the Fallen Angelics' continuing Grail Quest. To accomplish their objective of claming Earth and the Amenti Star Gates, Fallen Angelics need to possess the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and star gates tools ("Rod" and "Staff") and to achieve critical mass population of their hybrid-human races, whose DNA Templates carry reverse sequenced Fire Letters.

When the Halls of Amenti was sealed off to human lineage, it was because the DNA of Root Race 3 and Root Race 4 had mutations that could have destroyed the planet Earth and Tara.

So the portal between Earth and Tara was blocked off until that DNA mutation was cleared up. The DNA codes that would have allowed for DNA strands 7 to 12 to assemble were shut down. As a result there was an energetic block between the physical body and the etheric body. "This created perception of duality between consciousness and body for those baring this genetic configuration."

"Human consciousness lost awareness of its relationship to Earth and the higher dimensions and its species evolutionary memory..."

We are being upgraded currently. As DNA manipulation is causing some to have an edited version of the book of life which is also known as the fire letters. These letters are similar to Hebrew letters which show images when light shines on them. Due to the DNA damage our species suffered after the Fall of Tara, the 4D astral body that made up our heart center was fractured, and the lower portion of the soul matrix astral layer became inverted upon itself and became lodged in our 2D sacral center. Thus, a portion of our original soul matrix fragmented and got stuck in the 2D dimensional layers of the planetary body and within our individual layers. When incarnating upon the earth plane, this distortion to our soul and heart center became a genetic block, which further digressed angelic human DNA. Over time these became generational distortions which manifested into the disconnection between the 2D elemental field of the physical body, the 1D Unconscious Mind and both the lower and higher part of the astral identity that form into the soul matrix. Essentially, what this means is that when incarnating in a physical body on the earth, it was hard for the Conscious Mind of the personality to actually feel the experience of the soul while in a body, and this had the tendency to disconnect the functions of the heart center. These schisms in the Lightbodylayers also greatly contributed to the production of Shadow Selves, shadow personality alters, shadow elementals and fragments in the Soul matrix. The left hand path teaching dives into the shadow unconsciousness using archetypes like Kali which detritus the things that weaken and limit us from reading our higher potential. This is my personal interpretation, if it doesn't resonate, that's okay we are all here to discover our authentic self in our own ways. The shadow self impacts our chakras which allows energetic manipulation. Most of the products we create especially the Kali Lotus Luxe is very powerful in dispelling this insidious attachment. The Universal Shadow World emerged from out of the reversal current of the 11th dimension, in which these fallen black hole entities were reconfigured into Black Dragon Avatar Collectives with AI brains, and these bizarre shadow creatures became the entity attachments to living beings, at individual, collective and beyond levels. These Black Dragon Avatar Collectives use advanced artificial intelligence antichrist technologies to drain life force energy out of our Universe, and are able to hijack and possess living beings that are consumed by their unhealed shadow body. These parasites are attempting to harvest us on a larger scale then ever before. Due to our awakening we are calling for help from our galactic ancestors which is why we have the courses teaching you how to find your own galactic signature. This is the time to tap in because this war had now fallen to earth on all levels . The underground bases are at war over the manipulation of our genetics which impacts the future timeline of earth. I felt the war happening a few days ago which was a dragon day as depicted by the Pacal Votan prophecy! Now I uploaded an image that shows a battle ship exiting the portal we call the " Sun"! For those who don't use IG, I'll add it here. There were billions of spaceships shooting lasers after the Solar Flare occurred. We have backup so do not be overwhelmed with fear. If you are dealing with this, I recommend the dream catchers to protect you as you astral reveal during sleep state and the Kali Lotus Luxe. If this doesn't fit your budget we also have the Dragon protection potion in stock as well!

The shadow needs integration to heal trauma!

At the most basic level, we each have a collective shadow body that we have inherited as connected to humanity, as well as an individual shadow body that has formed from accumulative traumatic experiences and emotional conflicts. The negative emotions generate shadow elemental substances and dead energies that build up and become enmeshed with our physical layers forming into energy blockages. To release these energy blockages, we are required to address the shadow body, so clearing the shadow means to first be able to face our emotional wounds. To achieve spiritual integration, we must become conscious of our past emotional Trauma and then allow a safe space in which to heal these dark places, in order to transmute the shadow body and live in a much more conscious, authentic, and loving lifestyle.

Core emotional wounds that form into our shadow and pain body sabotage our divine purpose and prevent us from finding deeper meaning in life, it dampens our joy and interferes with our service in this world. The shadow shows up as our unconscious fears, uncontrolled impulses, knee jerk reactions, chronic forms of anger, depression, loneliness and addictions. These accumulated emotional wounds form a dark shadow interior that will resonate with outer dark forces in matched resonance, and then the body can be used to transmit a range of negative forces in the environment. This phenomenon manifests as the psychic vampire profile, an unconscious person with unhealed shadow that has become a repository of outer negative forces, which they unconsciously transmit to others in exchange for siphoning higher energies from their target from a lack of Self Awareness.

I have been channeling info since the lioness gate portal of August 8th 2021 about the dark energy in the air that is filed with highly energetic programmable open space that will reflect the negative internal conversation to manifest a negative environment. The lesson we are learning is the responsibility for the environment aka the spiritual ecosystem. If you have felt very broken lately , you aren't alone this is simply how we heal on a cellular level!

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