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The Hidden Agenda 2020!

FLOYD IS SIRIUS B IN GEMATRIA. WHY WAS A BLACK MAN (BLACK SUN) KILLED? MANY OF US ARE FROM SIRIUS B ACCORDING TO TEACHERS LIKE BOBBY HEMMITT. Black men also wear the title of being dogs. Even though other men can be dogs, black men have become the symbol of a dog. You can ask any woman and she’ll confirm the stereotype that black men are dogs!

Resource for Sirius b connection to the Declaration of Independence

Sirius Star Magic :

Link used

The Astrological Significance of July 4th  Independence Day of America and the First Independence Day of the Philippines

Used for content

Sirius Star in History of Humankind - Conquest of Paradise (

the last link, one of the most important ones is in the comments under here! Let us know what y’all think!

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Jun 03, 2020

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