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🪞My inner child told me she had a secret of the universe🌍 As she pointed to a picture I drew she told me she was using her creativity

to manifest the reality I am now living! At this point I was shook at the very idea of time travel , the quantum shift meditation we all did together during the Venus wormhole which can be found under programs here on our website if you didn't do the meditation and the time capsule which is a part of a free program. This program will not be free indefinitely so be sure to use them! What she said next made me realize the main reason we self sabotage😩

Awakening can be very chaotic and frustrating especially if you are doing shadow work.

Therefore as children on this planet we are born into a prison system called family! You have no freedom to express yourself, or be yourself. You must comply with the rules of the family and all spiritual traditions or you’ll be mistreated and disowned!


My whole life I have been able to see spirits , demons, energy fields and also feel vortexes of energy in some locations. I've always been able to perceive the things people try to hide due to shame , guilt and fear of being rejected and abandoned. On the NU U tier for VIP patrons, we are sharing our own magical workings and other from the top metaphysical text both old and NU! We also added two books Bobby Hemmitt mentioned in many of his lectures! We have Sirius Rising by Robert Temple and Mysteries of the dark moon by Demetra George on the ebook tier as well! We highly recommend these text for those who are SIRIUS about this journey ❣️ As we descend deeper into the underworld , Halls of Amenti there will be chaos unleashed within the subconscious shadow of the collective. This will lead to nervous breakdowns, spiritual emergencies, dark night of the soul and mental madness! There are entities here that were summoned by those who seek to keep us blind and bound ! We have removed a lot of myths around magick by consistently using them. There is no need to fear or panic because we have been equipped to thrive during the Kali Yuga ago of divine feminine rising ! This is also the reason high level occultist are using the primal feminine dark goddess energy for protection as they attempt to remain in control of the masses! I will cover this technique in depth and teach you how to use it in the WAP WAR SHEELA NA GIG LECTURE! Stay tuned for that date! NU magick contains more power since it's untapped potential! To learn more of these spiritual practices follow the link to Patreon. Next class is 4.10.22 at 7pm cst.

“The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist. You have been controlled like sheep in a pen by those who think they own you — from the government to the World Management Team to those in space. You have been deprived of knowledge by frequency control.”

~ Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn

🖤🪞Shadow work can be difficult and overwhelming. Speaking from our personal experiences, success is accomplished when you establish a compassionate rapport with yourself! A soul tribe is thicker then blood which alllws us to shatter illusions as a group versus trying to walk this path alone. The daemonic feminine was demonized by the powers that wanna be but will no longer be because she is the only Achilles heal to thier system of suppression⚕️Remothering with the dark goddess wisdom helps to heal inner child wounds as it protects you from things attempting to bind your spiritual abilities🖤👸🏾 Walking this path while ignoring the true Creator is like running on a treadmill simulation versus actually climbing to a higher level of consciousness, power and self mastery ! We provide a no judgement zone allowing us to be supported by one another along the way! If this resonates with you follow the link . We look forward to seeing y'all tonight ❣️

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