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The lunar eclipse, dark feminine healing and the death of expired beliefs!

As I am slowly easing my way back into my full schedule my recovery is going well and I wanted to be sure you have an intuitive guide for the 5.4.23 eclipse in Scorpio ♏️ my moon sign " Go figure "!

Let me get personal about things occurring in my life and make some connections that I hope will inspire you to see past your challenges.

The left side of the body represents the feminine as the right side of the body represents the masculine. Shortly before my surgery to restore bone loss I felt pain in my life eye. Since this has happened for the last 3 months I made self care a priority as I delved deeper into what message my body was sending me. A hemorrhage can be caused by many things on a physical level including sickle cell which is symbolized by Scorpio ( bad blood ) in astrology. My feminine side has recently brought traumatic injuries to light for me to SEE🧿 Let me share some hidden knowledge about the dark feminine.

𓂀 The Eye of Horus was particularly invoked as protection against eye disease.[30] One text, Papyrus Leiden I 348, equates each part of a person's body with a deity in order to protect it. The left eye is equated with the Eye of Horus.[31]

𓋹 The ankh or key of life is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol used in Egyptian art and writing to represent the word for "life" and, by extension, as a symbol of life itself. Since I dedicated my life to helping others to create the life they deserve by developing an understanding of the dark feminine essence which has transformed my ability to see things outside of the illusionary perception used to keep us stuck in 3D holographic reenactments of trauma.

In the realm of the Black Madonna, we plumb the depths of our being where we confront and transform the toxic psychic substances of fear, betrayal and profound uncertainty.  As a result, we are presented with the opportunity for vital and creative growth.


Observation of toxic hydrothermal deep-sea vents and recognition of the archetypal nature of the Black Madonna. In these examples we find that life, i.e., love expressed at instinctual and spiritual levels, can thrive in spite of, and even more importantly, because of, what formerly we believed would bring about a total absence or annihilation of life.

The Black Madonna has been compared to personages in other cultures and spiritual traditions, including Persephone of the Underworld, Kali, and Isis.6  These are goddesses or deities whose rule lies within the dominion of surrender, death and rebirth.  From the perspective of the ego, they are lethal forces.  But without yielding to this composting and transcendent energy, no transformation is possible and therefore no renewal of life-force.  As archetypal energies within the psyche, what these personages accomplish is the breaking down and transmutation of toxic substances, thereby fueling soul growth.  Psychically toxic substances, like the hydrogen sulfites that originate deep within the bowels of the earth through volcanic activity, are primitive and primal energies which erupt into consciousness - fear, pain, pride, rage, envy, our intolerance -  which can be converted into fodder for spiritual regeneration.  Primitive energies become transformed not by denying them, but by working them into new life through heightened consciousness; that is, by fully acknowledging them.

Let me share a little about the lunar eclipse,  the Mayan calendar and its connection to the eye of Horus which I stumbled upon after asking for guidance.

Eclipses, when viewed as disruptions in the natural order, are natural phenomena. They are thought to be bad omens by many groups because they appear to be a sign of something bad happening to them. The story of the god of chaos, Seth, stealing the moon eye of Horus, the god of the sky, is told in ancient Egyptian mythology. Pathe, the God of learning and mathematics, searched through darkness in search of the object and returned it to its rightful place in the heavens. Eclipses can be seen as a sign of order coming back, and they can be used to explain strange phenomena. This story tells the story of how eclipses can be used to explain order coming back.

Since our eyes are windows to the soul with the left symbolic of the feminine expect to experience transformation in these areas.

Dark star astrology - The fixed stars above seem to indicate scandalous love relationships and this can be because of the intense romantic needs brought to the surface at this time. Some of us will do anything to get them fulfilled.

This eclipse is great for spies, so you will not need to employ a PI if you suspect your partner of having an affair. This eclipse gives supreme intuitive ability, insatiable curiosity and hacking skills. Be careful if it is you who is doing the dirty, wiping your history will not be enough! The person tracking you is like a dog with a bone.

So don’t be surprised when a toxic secret is revealed both personally and collectively on the world stage.

Moon opposite Uranus in the sky can be volatile and moody. However, its electrical sparks inspire innovation and genius. Be creative in your approach to decisions, resolving conflict and perception of what seems to be chaos in your life. The sacral chakra helps to do this effectively without needing force to make things happen, you simply visualize an outcome that evokes gangsta gratitude and allow gravity ( mama earth) to settle whatever seems to be out of your control. Trust the process by assuming the best outcome instead of the worst outcome. Affirmations are a great way to regain a nu compassionate positive prescriptive. For those who may need help with this alchemical process of awakening links will be below ⬇️ Keep reading because the juicy soul nourishing details are just beginning.

In the alchemical opus, the true beginning of the journey commences when the “matter” turns black.  One alchemist writes, “When you see your matter going black [in the alchemical retort], rejoice: for that is the beginning of the work.”10  By comparison, Jung postulates that getting to a state of psychological wholeness means - at least for starters - confronting our own blackness: pride, greed, envy, fear, alienation.  Without this first step, we cannot find true light, the inner gold.

  Death itself brings us to a fuller experience of life, not from the standpoint of the ego, but from the standpoint of spiritual growth, where we surrender our smaller will to the mystery of the Unknown.  A full acknowledgment of death prompts us to the procreative possibility of bringing new soul life, a deeper love, into the world. 

For those that feel themselves loosing hope in a positive outcome, I want to encourage you by affirming the power of losing hope as the emotion often rooted in death of something that once was. This is a supernatural phase in alchemy of trauma, you are doing great despite how it seems, let me explain why!

According to Bonhoeffer those who have experienced extreme trauma with a profound understanding of what they have endured, found their way to an unfathomable faith which grew from an incomprehensible abyss of demonic chaos and destruction.  Their spiritual legacy is a beacon to the world, their innocent suffering a redemptive act for the collective.  In our day to day lives we, too, are confronted with the challenge of redemption whenever we are overcome with a personal experience of trauma, or a sense of alienation and despair.

Most of the qualities that drew you to my spiritual healing journey and the techniques used to turn pain into purpose were created in the dark void of rebirth but first I had to learn to appreciate endings ( death)!

The threat of becoming blind for the second time in two years helped me to see how I best serve others!

There is a seed moment of opportunity to make changes to your life. Sometimes we need to shake things up if we feel stuck in a rut, but it is so tempting to stick with what is in our comfort zone. Eclipses are always times of reboots. So if loss comes at this time then take it as a Feng Shui message to create space for something or someone new to come into your life.

The energy making its return is, therefore, the emergence of the feminine side of God, which has been gradually taking shape for centuries in what we call the unconscious.

When we do not consciously recognize the dark feminine, we place ourselves on dangerous ground.   Denial of darker realms contributes to a profound betrayal of life, especially when the denial turns itself into projection - into one person, onto one people.  Within the psyche of those betrayed, toxic projection can twist and drive, wrenching itself into despair, rage and even terror.  For those who have experienced betrayal at these levels, for those who have been over-shadowed by the trauma of individual and collective denial, the betrayal can become a horrifying and bottomless abyss. The wounded wombs in which all humans travel to enter this world held ancient trauma that you have been called to release.

We are told by many indigenous cultures, including the Hopi of the American Southwest, that we must begin in great earnest to address and embrace what we are here referring to as the dark feminine.  If we cannot, the world as we now know it will be lost to us.  If we cannot mourn, if we cannot feel an authentic and profound sense of compassion and sorrow, for ourselves and for others, for all sentient beings including this planet, our losses will be even greater than they are now, spiritually, environmentally, psychically.

In the Super Bowl ritual performance, there was a (PEPSI= ded is ) ad in the background with this horrific subconscious programming of FEEL NOTHING! The picture is explained in over 20 decodings and channeled messages on Patreon including information on simple healing lituals ( lit 🔥 rituals of enlightenment) you can use because this energy will be around until 2029 and beyond according to different astrological sources.

Whatever we face now will lay a foundation for the next 7-10 years which means, it’s time to get more Sirius about your daily spiritual routines!

Take the quiz to discover your inner child's archetypal wound to help navigate these energies by clicking this link !

Use this link to uncover the subconscious programs embedded in your mind keeping you in a perpetual state of trauma re-enactments!

Head to Patreon for all the details on the silent weapons being used to numb empathy !

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