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The missing link to success "shift from inferiority mindsets to godhood goddesshood!"

The spiritual awakening we are all going through on one level or the other can often feel like a roller coaster. Self observation and self study has become a way of life for many of us. Discovering who we are outside of our programming, social conditioning, and relegion's indoctrination is at center stage right now. As you really become aware that you've been living in a box experiencing a simulation you begin to wonder. What's wrong with me? Why do I criticize myself so much? Why is it taking me so long to heal by exiting the sunken place? I am painfully aware of the potential frustration this can cause. One way to overcome this is by taking a honest observation of the way you talk to yourself. Earnest and I have been just existing in the same space without actually sharing that space with pure transparency. Sharing this in such a public way is nerve racking but necessary, however we must leave our comfort zones to expand and evolve into our higher selves. So in trying to diagnose the true issue I asked Earnest intuitively a question that led to such a profound insight. “How do you think about yourself?“ “Do you see yourself and think", damn I'm fine, intelligent, strong, and desirable?” Or when you see yourself you think", I'm loosing hair, my knees getting bad, I'm getting old, and I have to many damn issues? He answered me saying, "I just started thinking positive thoughts about myself in the last few weeks!“ I was shook to hear this, all this time I've been wondering what the inability to connect deeper could be. I have always practiced thinking healthy thoughts about myself because at the end of it all, “all I have is me!” If our thoughts are inferior self sabotaging thoughts, then what happens outside of us will align according to the laws of the universe wether we are conscious of it or not. If I am practicing sacred sexuality in and out of the bedroom being sure to cultivate healthy thoughts about him, but his thoughts are adversarial to my thought stream, the result is disconnect and dissonance. How can I make him feel something that isn't already happening inside of him? I asked him this and he innerstood what I was expressing.

The masculine had been manipulated, emasculated and misused for many centuries just as the feminine energy on this planet. Men have been taught to repress, hide and feel inferior in a society ran by white supremacy. This has led to masculine incarnates being arrested in their spiritual development which causes a gapping hole of feeling like "I'm not enough!" For the feminine incarnate we have been raped, abused and exploited causing a disconnect between ourselves, our yoni's and our primal sexuality. To heal we must remember we are not our thoughts. They are simply replays of personal trauma, generational trauma and core wounds. Also we must catch the inferior thoughts asap, then insert a thought that will benefit us to think. Having sovereignty means having a choice. As you monitor your thoughts, cut, copy and paste positive thoughts. Your inner talk will begin to alter your outer world. The beauty of a spiritual awakening is realizing the power lies in you!

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I enjoy reading this article, it goes perfectly along with the lessons I been learning lately.

May 23, 2021
Replying to

That's great to hear! We really enjoyed creating it because we knew it would be right on time. Saturn in going in retrograde. We will discuss it tomorrow on YouTube !

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