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Amen – the ancient Khemitic word meaning “concealed or hidden, that which cannot be perceived.” 2) the original imperceptible statefulness of energy-matter and undifferentiated consciousness (pure noumena) out of which everything that appears to be (phenomena) will likewise disappear and return. 3) insperiencing— not experiencing, the aboriginal state of the unborn principle—the archetype of what the soul is to become. 4) the vibration frequency of the God-Force. 5) the masculine aspect of the Superself. 6) the corrupted and truncated Christian version of the ancient Khemetic name Amenhotep, translated into the phrase “May it come to pass in peace.” 7) saying “Yes” to existence—open to the totality of its flow—unconditional surrendering (a surrealist rendering of life lived through its essence, both form and substance). Amen is the title for the hidden, unknowable, or Coming One—at one time (earlier) was applied to Sebet—the Typhonian sun god. Churchgoers say Amen instead of Awomen at the conclusion of prayers and songs unaware of the reason, i.e., because they sing hymns, not hers. Amen is also the ancient name for undifferentiated consciousness, boundless energy, uncreated light, and unstructured matter—not finitized into a manifested (differentiated) state, condition, realm, dimension, event, or thing. Consciousness cannot be created nor destroyed—Amen! (See: Experience, Infinity, Ra, Osiris, Heru, Eternity, Immortality, Separate Self, Funk, Endarkenment, Christian Cryptographers, Impersonal Consciousness, Reversion, God- Self-Divine, Kingdom of Heaven, Infinitarian, Deathlessness, Quantum Reality & Witnessing Intelligence)

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