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Did you know ancient Kemet centered many beliefs around the life giving sun god Ra? The sun isn’t just a star giving light to grow vegetation but it also activates our light body with its rays.

The Mayan calendar points to some interesting points about the sun and it’s part in what we call “separation of wheat (chaff) and tares! Many people are waiting on Jesus, the baptizer of the holy spirit which gives life to all that accept him to return and receive their glorified body. What if I told you the rapture happens in stages and the final stage seems to align with December 21st 2020 during the planetary alignment of Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in AQUARIUS at 0 degrees! This hasn’t happened in 400 years, slavery in America began 400 years ago, so this is the day the spells will be broken from those that are in sync with the cosmic ascension which will usher in a baptism by Aquarius the water bearer and the activation of our Christ consciousness by the Sun winter solstice .

As the wheat is being separated from the chafe, it can sometimes feel that our planet has been split into different parallel universes, while paradoxically existing simultaneously on Earth. Our challenge is to remain utterly positive and focused on the world we wish to manifest and live in.

While we can transmit deeper truths on the internet, the more profound aspects of deeper truths can only be realized offline incontemplative silence, wrapped in the mystery of our own being.

We are the Imagineers and generators of a new world, new time, new earth. We do not need to make our dreams fit into consensual reality’s mindset; we are here to create a New mindset. We are weaving a Multidimensional forcefield of light webbed by sacred geometry and number.

Before we can delve into the more concentrated work, we must acknowledge the blockages within our being that stem from ancient traumas. These can be emotional or physical blockages that keep us in a 3D time loop or keep us in a state of anxiety to feel we cannot access the higher states.

Dr. Jose Arguelles put forth that Pacal Votan was an emanation and incarnation of this process of solar initiation.

He said what we call sunspot cycles are pulsations of the minds of the solar masters, the Ahau Kin who dwell fifth-dimensional in the core of the Sun. In The Mayan Factor, he describes how sunspots are carriers of information from different star systems and other dimensions that reach the noosphere and biosphere of the Earth and the rest of the planet.

The purpose of humans, then, is to serve as an intermediary between Earth and Sun. Earth needs synchronized intelligence to place it in more conscious relation to the Sun and the galaxy as a whole, or the Sun may need a planetary body to consciously ground galactic information it is receiving from the inner core and/or from more evolved star systems.

As we anchor to the inner Sun, we become oriented in deeper realizations, including the awareness of the many dimensional overlays within and around us. The deeper we relax into the Present Moment, the more doorways of knowledge open from within.

So join us for the “Phoenix rising from the ashes “ webinar on December 20th 2020 at 6pm central by using the event rsvp we sent out this week .

If this blog was insightful and helpful, share it with a few people that may be awakening as well!

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