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The healthy/divine feminine:

  • She is grounded, receptive, reflective

  • She has strong boundaries

  • She is gracious in her strength

  • She is loving, empathetic, compassionate and supportive

  • She knows how to ask for what she needs

  • She is vulnerable

  • She is authentic

  • She is not afraid to speak her heart and does so with no shame

  • She flows through life effortlessly

  • She knows how to surrender, be open and trusting

  • She is naturally intuitive and listens to her heart rather than her mind

  • She manifests and creates

  • She is confident in her body and with her femininity.

  • She exudes beautiful, sensual energy and attracts naturally,

The healthy/divine masculine:

  • He is deeply present and listens without being distracted

  • He doesn't judge

  • He creates a safe environment

  • He doesn't take things personally

  • He is a guiding force, supportive and encouraging

  • He has discipline and knows when to be focused

  • He is a man of his word, honest and accountable

  • He is humble

  • Has integrity

  • He is of service and does what is in the highest good

  • He is grounded

The unhealthy/wounded feminine:

  • She is usually insecure and looks for external validation

  • She can be critical and her loved ones feel like they can never do anything right, because she always has something to criticize

  • She is needy in her relationships, she needs to feel loved and asks (begs) for it

  • She can't control her emotions

  • She tends to be manipulative

  • She is afraid of loss and is very attached (in an unhealthy, excessive way)

  • She over connects and over shares her emotions and needs

  • She is desperate for love and always chasing it

  • She feels like a victim

  • She sacrifices herself; she prioritizes others at her expense

  • She can come across as inauthentic

  • She has an unhealthy internal masculine: no boundaries or self control

The unhealthy/wounded masculine:

  • He is competitive and always wants to win

  • He is focused on goals and attached to success

  • He tends to avoid connection and can be cold and distant

  • He takes everything personally

  • He needs to be right

  • He fears failure

  • He defends himself, attacks, accuses

  • He sometimes runs away from love, withdraws, creates separation

  • He can be aggressive

  • He is critical and judgmental

  • He is narcissistic and selfish

  • He can't really, deeply listen to others

  • He is stuck in the mind

  • He isn't in touch with his emotions

  • He can have addictions to work, drugs, tv etc.

  • He has unhealthy internal feminine who is serious, rigid and controlling

How to hold sacred space when your partner is not aligned with Source Energy

  1. Always Resist judgement

  2. Don’t make it about you taking it personal

  3. Realize they are going through phases of awakening before your eyes

In the phases of dm energy anchoring there will be asshole moments in the attempt to shed the nice guy bull shit persona we carry. This is a normal phase that should be temporary if you are cultivating self love and full embrace of all aspects of yourself both positive and negative.

One archetype it seems relegion and our culture created.

“The final archetype I will share is something I call the Righteous Supplicant. His version of masculinity is apologizing profusely for the sins of all males. A proud nice guy. He wants to be a “good man” and fully honor women, and wears it like his own badge of honor. Each Righteous Supplicant tries to one-up the others in his repudiation of “bad Masculine behavior”. Of course I support the goal of honoring women—it is woven throughout this work. But it is the Righteous Supplicant’s intention behind his behavior which I dislike because it doesn’t feel like a position taken by choice, but rather a reaction out of guilt, shame, or a desire to be a “good boy for mommy”. A Masculine man does not honor women in order to gain their approval. He does it because it’s genuine and what he values!

Discuss the art of allowing!

Love is allowing, if there is no allowance given to your partner then your are living in fear and limitation versus love.

•Love can not thrive without limitlessness!

•Love doesn't keep a record of wrong to be used as a form of retaliation.

•(Unconditional) Love will allow you to make mistakes

📌Akashic download: Since many of us subconsciously don't wanna be accountable for the amount of confidence we have , instead of working on healing my confidence I chose to be controlling in an effort to dominate and avoid seeing myself.

What role did relegion play in this imbalance?

A god that loves who also kills those or sends them to hell for not obeying all rules, regulations, laws and restrictions or commandments was the example of love for many of us. So if god is equated to love then I must seek to control with excessive rules and restrictions to reflect the love god gives.

If your fear of messing up would lead to hell then being honest about your flaws and weaknesses cause excessive, paralyzing fear. Relegion caused fear of rejection! if a perfect god will disconnect from you for eternity then what more then would an imperfect human do to you if you displeased them? In relegion we were taught the rejection by god Results in hell for eternity.

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