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Twinflame message “DF to the DM” says “ You have a heart initiation phase”!

Peace family, we were dealing with the virus which really is the body‘s reaction to 5G, but that’s another story! I’ve been resting and doing some deep healing, restoring myself to be of service fulfilling my mission as a goddess. Let me tell y’all, the DF and DM has been playing tug of war and in the end both will win but this is what must happen.


Let me explain what’s happening, the new earth must be built by architects who are very familiar with themselves and for this to happen, we must do something scary, “BE VULNERABLE AND FEEL!” The heart chakra has opened on a collective level, calling for the DM to heal deeper by re-living his wounds which include those from childhood and old relationships. Our consciousness is being wiped clean. Everything we thought we were healed of has resurfaced and it seems to be messing up routines our toxic masculine consciousness has put in place, but those ways of being no longer serve us. So the DM is shedding old snake skin. The shedding feels strong because all of a sudden he’s now exposed to himself and very uncomfortable with what he sees happening. At this point he‘s wanting to run but as an awakened soul, there’s nowhere to run except into the arms of the DF embracing the mother you are learning to be to yourself especially if you’ve begun re-mothering, but if you haven’t that’s ok because we will speak on that topic more as we go as it’s what’s necessary to obtain some harmony within yourself. If like many others you have mother wounds it’s time to revisit how you felt about the mother that you were born to or whom you may have been raised by for example a grandparent. Ask yourself 2 questions. What were the pros and the cons? Now many of us felt abandoned, abused or maybe unimportant and unseen. This is what created your love attachment style! If this is all new to you like it was for us, find and complete a love attachment style quiz available on the web, but Thais Gibson of the Personal Development School has a phenomenal channel on YouTube and provides the test we took. Now the results will determine what happens next but more than likely you must become that loving presence to yourself that you may or may not had. So this means the way to talk to yourself and the world must be held to a higher standard of unconditional love. This requires an open heart which is divine feminine energy. So allowing your heart to be open which could possibly lead to getting hurt is a risk you now see the purpose in taking. All of a sudden we’re being required to face our demons and treat them like a part of us by loving that shadow aspect because it’s Y-O-U. Furthermore, if you happen to be in a divine partnership, this is doubled because we are reflections of each other’s demons, which means we must inevitably see them a lot stripped without coping mechanisms that are toxic to an awakening god/goddess. So who am I without the false spirituality beliefs I once had? Who am I if I’m not the man? Maybe I’m just a screw up that can’t get this awakening thing to work for a good amount of time. Now this is when you bring in the new mother that you need to create the new healthy psyche. Just because you make mistakes doesn’t make you a screw up! You are amazing for signing up to heal this within yourself thus healing the planet! Isn’t that what you’d want your mother to say to you? That felt real good. So the heart opens. Now as you revisit these old wounds, experiencing triggers that make you as yourself realizing “am I a teenager right now?” This is a process of going through a forced recapitulation, where you revisit all your trauma just to take your power back choosing how to respond in those moments or by just taking a deep breath to breathe in love focused on the things you’re grateful for experiencing because, look how far you’ve come. Now the triggers or more like hair triggers right now are rampant, you‘re not alone. It triggers so deeply because unlike before, now your heart is wide open begging for transformation and awakening desiring to be healed of the crap that hold you back in life. Take it one day at a time, hug yourself and if you’re in a divine partnership, ask for hugs fellas. Even if pride is urging that you don’t need one, you need a lot of them. One for every time you had an unmet need, or a mother who wasn’t affectionately intimate. Take the hug if you ain’t pissed her off to putting you in a hug timeout. If that’s the case, go old school. Write her a letter and pour out your heart telling her how hard it is to be awakening to the needs of an awakening man, which prior to awakening you didn’t know you had. It’s all new to me baby, but I’m working to be better for you and for us!


I know your divine counterpart can get on your nerves, I now they can be Ice Kings. Sometimes they act overly aggressive, or passive aggressive, make statements under the breath or yelling. Many of your divine counterparts ain’t really been communicating a lot, in that case this will be helpful for you too. Isis told me to be the high priestess Oracle I AM and tend to his aching heart. He’s trying so hard to cope with the day to day life of being in a world that no longer feels real. He’s building a new foundation with new beliefs, times are very uncertain and he wants to give you the best part of him, but each time he falls he beats himself up beginning the toxic cycle of self abuse. There’s a tool called Re-parenting yourself and he must begin doing that immediately. I mean 911 immediately. For the first time the collective DM is feeling everything. He feels things he has never felt before where being numb was so much easier. The heart is now the way, so you must hold that space with him. When he’s being triggered and this turns negative, you don’t follow him, you smile and say I’m thankful for everything I have and will have because this is only a phase that will lead to an abundance of love, healing and harmony within the planet and my relationship with myself and my divine counterpart if you are reunited. Reunited and it feel so BAD! Horrible! Emotionally reckless, verbally reckless and ohhhh weee, I don’t want to hear the apologies, nor do I want to apologize for anything. Can we just get along to a new level please! That’s been my vibe lately. Isis has confirmed that I must handle him like a nurse and a wounded soldier. He may think I’m hurting him for no reason. He may want the pain to stop but I must do things that may be uncomfortable at first but, it will help him heal. We must be the salve of their wounded hearts. When they act out as long as they’re not putting their hands on us, acknowledge it as the tantrum he couldn’t have as a kid and he‘s having it now. It’s not personal even though it feels personal. He’s being initiated into a matrilineal new earth requiring him to lead with his heart. For that to happen the old wounds and demons lurking need to be exposed and reintegrated as a part of self that needed healing. Then the demon becomes something that empowers your personal spiritual journey! As you accept these parts that show up in the DM that’s ugly, be conscious of the love you give and how much, or the tough love you give and how much. Use intuition ladies. When they are depressed or hurting they need compassion and yes this is a major task for the DF because we have been putting men together since Isis, Osiris, & Horus mythology and since all the great men who couldn’t have done anything great without the woman beside them! Just remember, you are the muse right now helping him integrate and co create a better reality called “The New 5D Earth”!

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