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Venus retrograde 444 grid will shock our heart chakra to activate a higher octave of love!

Venus journeys through Leo for 4 months in 2023 due to her retrograde from July 22 to Sept 4.

4 months , beginning on 22nd = 4

Ending on September 4th

Venus retrograde begins the pre-shadow phase in Leo (12° 12’) on June 19, 2023, at 12:12 am PST.

Notice 12 12 degrees adding these together this is 24 which is broken into 4 number 4’s since 6X4 = 24

Lioness gate portal following a Venus retrograde in Leo offering rebirth and relationship healing. 🔮✨ Venus Retrograde Alert! Beware the Temptations of Luciferian energy ✨🔮

💔💔 Are you ready for some cosmic truth? Brace yourselves, friends, because Venus is taking a detour through the shadowy realm of Lucifer during its retrograde period! This celestial phenomenon brings forth the allure of forbidden desires and the treacherous grasp of a 'Dark Cupid' affair. 🌙😈

🚨🚩 Beware the red flags that may appear on your path! Despite the warnings, it's all too easy to ignore them when the heat of passion consumes your senses. But here's the thing: These fleeting encounters that seem innocent and disposable go way beyond the surface. They can leave your spiritual energy drained and shattered for months to come. 🌪️💔

🔥🌌 Your body is a sacred temple, my lovely souls, and we must resist the call of the psychic vampires. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, has her dark side too – jealousy, revenge, possessiveness, and infidelity are her not-so-flattering traits. Such toxic behavior opens the door to unwanted hyper-dimensional entities that feast on brewing drama and pull us into their sinister domain. 😱💀

🔗🤐 It's time to shatter the chains of psychic and sexual bondage. Under the spell of Venus retrograde, a simple fling can transform into an obsessive attachment to a "friend with benefits" you never anticipated. Trust us, it's a rollercoaster you'd want to avoid. 😵💥

🙅‍♀️✋ So, take heed, my darlings, and proceed with caution when embarking on new relationships. The siren song of passion may be irresistibly tempting, but remember the hidden dangers that lurk within the cosmic dance of Venus retrograde. Protect your heart, protect your soul, and navigate this celestial voyage wisely. ✨💖



Book a reading. If you’d like to have a human design natal chart simply add human design natal chart in the booking form. The reading is general and all necessary information will be given so that you can dive deeper into your Human Design!

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Pendulums and dowsing rods can help you make decisions in times of uncertainty. We have various pendulums made of crystals such as citrine which is a powerful crystal that absorbs negative energy and it never had to be charged✨

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🧿 Oracle cards for divine guidance and last bit definitely not least, labradorite! This mystical crystal has off planet origins in the Sirius binary star system 💫 These will be activated by the 8.8.23 Lioness gate portal. On July 26th one day after the day out of time we will enter a NU galactic year which begins according to Sirius closeness to the Sun 🌞

🧿Shop around and be sure to tap back into any courses you’ve purchased. What you do from this point forward will impact the next 18 months of your life❣️


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