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WHAT ARE THE NAGAS🐍 Your naga dosha determines psychic powers and karma. Learn more below ⬇️

Recently I begin deeper research into the Naga which are 9 Lords in the cosmos. As Mars will be in Cancer until July 1st 2023 I am being effected in an extreme way. Knowing this dosha helped me to avoid situations like divorce, dangerous health issues that may be occulted from my awareness and clearing karmic patterns.

In this brief presentation you'll learn how to calculate your Naga dosha as well as mantras to be used as remedies for some of the issues caused during this astrological period.

Here are the links to the inner child healing root chakra course which includes the sacral and solar plexus healing camp giving a tarot card reading everyday to guide your healing journey.

Link to calculate your dosha 📲

Remedy that can be used at this time only requires two things. A shiva lingham and palo santo! Both are available in our store 📲

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