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The mothership spotted and the black satellite in space watching our every move is being hidden behind false flag distractions! There are over 100 remote viewings I've done that confirm this. At 5 am I was taken to see what’s taken place in the underground tunnels and in space. I received an alert saying Children being born post the plandemic are experimental version of humans meant to distort the awakening 😫 This message is important so pay attention🪬 because I saw this happen over 10 years ago in this video which I'll

At the time I was a Christian so I called the ET's demons. However it's important to discern what comes to you when you watch this. The pastor was actually working with the government and ET's which was what happened during the pandemic as pastors told people to get whackzinated! Wow I can't make this shift up 😳

Now the shape of the clouds was an eye as in AI

LAST YEAR WAS ALSO THE YEAR OF AYIN WHICH IS A KABBALISTIC PATHWORKING! I describe this in the 3D matrix detox course in detail with a 2 hour lecture!

This video is available on Patreon as well as many others.

I am sharing this to keep your eyes on the truth because lack of knowledge makes us vulnerable 🧿

Join for $1 if that's all you can invest in the community! The higher the tier the more content you receive!

On March 5th 2012 I dreamt about fema camps, walk ins, shapeshifters and their connections to AI ! I didn't have the words to explain this as I'm able to share now however the details are more important now then 2012 when I share this! Seeing the future is a gift I was given. By tapping into this information your own spiritual activations will occur. Stay tuned for 11:11pm cst for the video that was banned and I am re-airing it as a premier. I look forward to seeing your reactions 🪬💋

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