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Blog 3-10-21

Awakening in times of chaos is utter chaos. How can we break toxic patterns?

In a time of this plandemic, riots water wars (I’ll be speaking more about that soon) and utter chaos in the capital and the economy reset , some messages and practices have become a tool for my survival with the hopes of thriving . Awakening during this time is difficult, purging old patterns accessing deep core wounds , being triggered because ultimately this is healing sending an invitation for us to go within and learn to sit with ourselves being the parent we needed as a child , being in a place of surrender all while the ego is wondering where it’s place is within all of these changes. In desperation it rears its head , the shadow self shows up and the first thing that happens is overwhelming sensations, toxic thoughts which lead to coping mechanisms. It’s a cycle I’ve been unable to break . Maybe breaking the pattern happens when I surrender to the many facets of my whole being 😩. The desire to be better in the face of all these shadow aspects is torture . How do we stop the cycle? How can we be at peace through all of this ? That’s the question I’ve been pondering !

For many of us relegion was life support as we laid in the artificial womb of existence. Now that we’ve been unplugged from the 3D matrix we must learn how to breath, I mean literally because many of us breath shallow breaths unknowingly amplifying the fight or flight responses in our nervous system . Deep breathing and breath work may seem like a pseudo science but it works when applied consistently. However realizing your trauma through triggers day after day leaves you feeling depleted of energy, since we all have so many 3D responsibilities finding the time to tend to these deep emotional roller coasters and self realization becomes a burden if you can’t find the time and energy to tap in more fully. For those of us who suffered trauma in childhood , the awakening process can feel overwhelming which triggers the ego to step up and protect us from anything that seems threatening . The effects of being in fight or flight most of your life leaves the brain injured , body depleted of energy and the coping mechanism control your life . It seems we are all climbing Mount Everest with tools we’re told will work but we don’t have the time or energy to work them consistently . Then the guilt shows up to the party and all you can think about is how bad you feel that you can’t be emotionally stable consistently, shame joints the party because in your mind “I should be further along then this by now “! The next move is usually eating to comfort yourself, sleeping all day if possible , you loose excitement for life, being alone is preferred because at least you won’t be triggering others and they will not be triggering you . Most of us don’t have the time or resources to pay foe the expensive self help communities and courses many offer for people healing trauma . Finding the right therapist takes time and usually you know more then they do because when you awakened you begin studying intently. So what are some things that have great potential to help us? I’m going to name a few but I need y’all to add somethings to the list that helps you .

We will be diving deep into the psychological impacts of traditional relegious beliefs which many of us have become painfully aware of the unworthiness and fragments caused by this oppression in the form of salvation in the online class Sunday March 14th 2021 which can be found on the homepage of our site . Get your tickets so we can all experience this healing together ! Here are 10 things I do to get unstuck from the sunken place !

  1. Divination with my pendulum, tarot cards

  2. Meditation

  3. Naps

  4. Offering love and compassion to myself especially if I feel like a screw up that day

  5. Planning a few things I can accomplish in a days time, checking them off the list once done like cooking dinner for the family or taking the time to do yoga

  6. Listening to “ The Crappy Childhood fairy” on YouTube

  7. Finding something funny to watch . This releases resistance to what is which allows space for the vibrations to rise which will attract what you desire . Yes there is a method to my madness. I know many people say watching tv is self sabotage but hey, we’re all unique and if it works for you then go for it!

  8. Using my potions , doing a healing spell and visualizing my aura responding to the potions !

  9. Emotional nourishment, self love affirmations and some form of pleasure practice like massages, self pleasuring.

  10. Journaling my feelings without a filter, without concern for sounding selfish , mean and insensitive. Just allowing my feelings to be authentically expressed .

  11. Crappy childhood fairy

NOW, it’s your turn . What helps you when you get stuck energetically in a space that feels terrible and stagnant?

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