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You are healing ancient trauma and breaking out of the prison of time. This is the real RESET!

Breaking Old Dream-spells and Healing Ancient Trauma

If we do not change our consciousness, our inability to change will bring on the change that is necessary, however destructive that may be to our present day beliefs.

—Valum Votan

In the next nine years, let’s see how much of the ancient trauma we can heal internally and collectively. We do this by first understanding that the ancient traumas, in all of their forms, are a spell of false time.

All traumas and fear programs are 12:60 (artificially) generated. When they become collective belief systems, an unconscious plan from previously unresolved histories takes over. We see all these unresolved traumas playing out now on the world stage.

Our true essence is always pure and untouched. This is known as the atman in Hindu philosophy, the true self that is beyond identification with phenomena, the essence of our soul.

But to fully understand this, we first have to break the spell of false time in all of its fractalized forms. What are these spells?

The key spells are embedded in our perceptions of sex, death, power, and money.

There is no effective change or activism towards external authority structures without previous work on one’s own inner systems. We each have a role to play in pinpointing and healing the ancient trauma so we can step off the time loop into a brighter Dream.

Different aspects of the Law of Time help us to make sense of the ancient traumas in order to heal, namely the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan.

This prophecy helps us to identify more deeply these different karmic errors and enables us to analyze the world situation from a cosmic perspective above the whole Earth.

The principle of the ancient knowledge formulated as the Law of Time and 13 Moon calendar was revived through the Telektonon Prophecy, which distinguishes four planets that hold karma to be redeemed: Maldek, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Mars (death-fear cults)

Maldek (sex crimes)

Jupiter (false light/abused power)

Saturn (corrupted monetary system). Saturn = One ring to rule them all.

Mars: Death Fear

This relates to all war and terrorism that needs to be transmuted into creative expressions. Nuclear destruction. Radiation. Viruses. Pandemics. Violence. Aggression. Murder. Crime. Killing (including animals),

Maldek: Sex Taboo

Maldek refers to the fifth, orbit, which is now the Asteroid Belt. This holds the trauma of Sex crimes, trafficking. Pedophilia. Pornography, etc. It also traces backs to themes of “original sin” and shame. Any misuse and repression of sex as sacred life-force leads to aggression and war, as well as the need to dominate and control.

Jupiter: False Spirituality/Abuse of Power

False religious figures, government officials, media moguls and anyone else who controls or manipulates the minds of the masses. According to the Law of Time the world mind is owned by the Vatican via the Gregorian calendar (i.e. “who owns your time owns your mind”). As the current global civil standard, the Gregorian calendar is the foundation of globalization.

Saturn: Materialism/Greed

Materialism. Greed/Inequality. Economy. The elite 1 percent. Epitomized by the ‘time is money’ philosophy. The time value of money is the cornerstone of capitalism. Saturn in Greek is Chronos or god of time. e city of Rome was originally known as Saturnia or city of Saturn. Saturn also relates to “Satan” or Lucifer.

These four planets and their qualities are the key themes that the media blasts out continuously every Day.

In this system Saturn governs Mars and Jupiter governs Maldek.

The unresolved karma from destroyed planets Maldek and Mars was transferred to Earth. This karmic corruption became known on Earth as false spirituality (Jupiter), and the power of Maldek was turned into sexual taboo and abuse.

False spirituality (Jupiter) manipulates sexual power (Maldek).

Through the shadow-play of forces on Saturn and Jupiter, the power of abundance became corrupted on earth into materialism (Saturn), which maintains itself by manipulating death-fear (Mars).

An example of this is insurance and pharmaceutical companies that manipulate death- fear (Mars) to feed materialism (Saturn). This also includes false hierarchies of priests (Jupiter) who manipulate the sexual taboo (Maldek) to maintain power over the people.

Dr. José Argüelles/Valum Votan, discoverer of this prophecy, points out that the final collapse of the technosphere is also the final war between blood (biology) and money (currency). This translates as the harvesting of lifeforce, i.e., biological currency.

At this time we are called upon to recognize the errors of the past which have led to destruction and oppression and to correct these errors by taking back our power. This involves a collective shift inward rather than outward.

Every 28 days of the 13 Moons, we use our love and telepathic focus to clear these ancient traumas. A main goal of the Telektonon prophecy is to transform “Babylon Planet”

back into divine wholeness, known as the Cube of the Law. This is a hyperdimensional Cube of Creation, not to be confused with the lower-dimensional Cube of Saturn, etc.

Ultimately we are here to break the spell of the illusory perception of the Separation from Source. We are called to activate a new frequency of consciousness by awakening hearts and minds into a cosmic field of Love. This creates an ever-increasing magnetic effect in the Great Wave of Awakening in its tidal pull toward the One.

We break old Dream-spells by facing and embracing our own shadow and not giving into any more hate or negativity.

The systemic problems embedded in the 12:60 frequency can only be solved by transcending them all together and raising our consciousness into the pristine New beam frequency. We have the opportunity, through focused attention, to switch the radio station that is being broadcast to Earth.

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Apr 19, 2021

Omg I is grateful for this information


I'm feeling this post Khamsin! It resonates with me so much. They are trying to manipulate time, especially with turning interest rates negative. This financial guy said it's literally a war on time with negative rates. We own the present and the future and they hate us for it.


I pay attention to all the Math Khamsin and You offer..I swear it's like y'all are my Galactic Parents..I don't say much but I definitely at all times that I can take note!.. Blessing upon Blessing to you Always 💯💖✔️👑

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