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Peace Remnants Gathering aka Weirdo Gang Tribe. Recently I had a obvious energetic wall between me and and a teacher I simply adore and support . It made me feel discouraged. I didn’t know what to do . I wanted her to like me on a core level , I felt we were meant to know each other and then , the wall appeared from nowhere. As if I had broken an unspoken rule . I waited a few days to decide wether or not I would continue purchasing from her. After a few days of deep shadow work, which revealed the part of me that still craves outside validation, led me to this astonishing light code. So I asked my Higher Self, how should I approach this decision?

The answer came in the form a question. Why does she have to like you for you to give support to her using a gift to others of awakening? Are you emotionally mature enough to accept this event and continue to believe in her work even if she doesn’t see anything gifted about you ? The obvious answer No, I mean my old programming says “ here you go again , being disliked for reason you never see” Here you go again wanting to feel seen! The next thing I know , my Higher Self spoke you and said “I’m awakened enough to support those who don’t support , because I am the giver of life , I am the healer and I am the first one in my family for a long time to be brave enough to walk this journey alone into real spirituality. Mastery of self means being the higher (Bigger) person, without feeling any kind of way at all! My self identity is more important then how people identify me without getting to know me. It doesn’t matter if they are a witch , a psychic or a person with a third eye open , it doesn’t mean they’ll see the divinity within you. WHAT DO YOU SEE IN YOU? Challenge yourself to step into a space that requires you to go high when it feels something or someone has went low! Don’t settle for abuse , but react differently to a low vibration situation and see how it feels. This will be a great identifier of where you are as far as spiritual progress to becoming your best self . When you are self affirmed, you don’t need nor do you require support to give it to others who may or may now ever acknowledge you. By doing this, you are walking into your angelic essence , overstanding the bigger picture. This is a place where you know you are growing because of the way your reactions are changing . The moment I decided to continue being a loyal listener and client felt like some real big girl shit❣️

~Remnants Gathering~

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U'AL Yahu
U'AL Yahu
Jul 14, 2020

I am going through this right now. I am working on 'reactions'. Which when I've done something for someone and never got the reciprocity. I am learning to let go and not being upset when I supported people and got nothing from them. Some people downright just 'stole' from me without even giving what I asked for. I just learned to let that person go and be on my 'merry' way.


I downloaded wix just to join the tribe. It’s my second post I’ve read and it’s on point

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