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Sat, Jan 22


War on consciousness 2


This is the second build exposing the truth behind the agenda 2030, transhumance and the AI take over! We are living in the underworld where anything goes! This information has been shadow banned and censored on most platforms. The secret programs and weapons being used on us will be exposed⚕️

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Jan 22, 2022, 7:00 PM

War on consciousness 2


About the event

What does lambda, delta and Omicron have in common ? Why are they using Greek letters? Are weapons being used to cause a bio warfare ? Are our minds being manipulated? Are we being out under a spell to prevent us from breaking out of the 3D matrix ? I will answer all of these and more ! This frequency weapon will challenge us to either stay connected to Source " our sovereignty " or be separated from the Creator! We covered this extensively in past webinars and according to Rudolf Steiner which is an occult author of many books that predicted a whackzine that will separate us from Source leaving us empty , mind controlled and suffering soul lost! Information creates perceptions and perceptions affect behavior. Those who control information, control your perceptions and therefore your reality! How to develop this quality? It’s actually quite easy. You just have to start thinking for yourself and stop being afraid to be criticized for having your own view on things even if your opinion does not conform to the mainstream narrative. Expressing your views freely as you feel it is the next step in developing it.

If you haven’t already realized that you have been subjected to an illegal psychological torture in order to break your will and submit to medical tyranny, it’s time you should. The psychological torture leads to medical torture. Involuntary medical treatment is torture by definition. It aims at breaking your will further. Humiliated, demoralized and dragged out of their minds, people become docile. Docility leads to extreme conformity and submission. While the mainstream media is creating an army of drug-induced brain dysfunctional dwellers in a zombie like existence with inability to reason and with a broken will to resist tyranny, you can say NO to it and refuse it altogether. We must stand for what we believe in or be turned into mindless , numb , fearful zombies that run on a program controlled by fear and the indoctrination that has trapped many of us into lives created in fight or flight! Don't let lack of knowledge lead you to the slaughter of the beast. Let's be clear , THIS IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST and only those with eyes to see ( 3rd 👁 opened ) will be privy to this information!

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  • War on Consciousness 2

    This is the second lecture exploring the real war and how to thrive in the underworld!

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